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Podcasting with Your PLN

Want to make a change in education by amplifying the voices of educators and students? Learn how to create a podcast that taps into the power of your PLN.

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REAL LOVE: Strategies for Reaching Students when they See No Way Out

Every student deserves real love. Learn how to apply the concept of REAL LOVE to your classroom.  Grab ahold of the hearts and the minds of every student.

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Stock Investing Basics 101

Check out this free mini-course to help you level up your financial future. Geared towards educators, but applicable to a general audience, you will learn how easy it is to begin.

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Social Media for Content Creators

In this free beginner/intermediate mini-course, learn how to leverage the power of social media to get the word out about your product.

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Educator Self-Care Course

This free course is designed specifically for educators. The course goes through the four types of self-care and self-care opportunities in the classroom. Also, find the introduction to the book Reignite the Flames by Mandy Froehlich.


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